fredag 16. oktober 2009

Salomons Ordspråk - vers 22, 26, og 32

"How long will YOU inexperienced ones keep loving inexperience, and [how long] must YOU ridiculers desire for yourselves outright ridicule, and [how long] will YOU stupid ones keep hating knowledge"?

"I also, for my part, shall laugh at YOUR own disaster, I shall mock when what YOU dread comes, when what YOU dread comes just like a storm, and YOUR own disaster gets here just like a storm wind, when distress and hard times come upon YOU".

"For the renegading of the inexperienced ones is what will kill them, and the easygoingness of the stupid is what will destroy them. As for the one listening to me, he will reside in security and be undisturbed from dread of calamity.”

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